Bitcoin Price May Hit $135,000, Willy Woo Predicts Major Bull Run

Bitcoin Price May Hit $135,000, Willy Woo Predicts Major Bull Run

Willy Woo, the industry expert with rich trading past, shares the opinion that Bitcoin is heading right to $100,000 price level. He was speaking with Keiser Report on March 3. Per the expert, thanks to ‘cycleture’ he can state that Bitcoin could hit $135,000 because of ‘common sense’. He even went as far as to say that Bitcoin could make it to $250,000 in the best case.

During the talk with Max Keiser, Willy claims that Bitcoin’s price can gain 35 times the cumulative average:

“If you make the best guess, it’s above $100,000; I think one of the more common-sense predictions would be around $135,000 based on the timing cycleture and the 35x of an average cap.”

Such an event is not rare in the history of Bitcoin. What if the bull market run continues after the halving? It will last for a long time, Woo stated:

“You go could 35 times the cumulative average of the price — and that’s picked every single top in the ten-year history of Bitcoin — right now that’s sitting above $50,000, but it keeps climbing the longer it runs for. I’m looking at around the $100,000 to $250,000 range depending on how long this bull market runs.”

Bitcoin Approaches a Four Years Cycle Milestone

Willy also thinks that Bitcoin’s price is highly dependable on the four-years cycles between the Bitcoin halvings. Each time, the reward per block drops 50% of the previous number. Several years ago, miners were getting 50 BTC per each block and used a home PC to mine. Now, they build large facilities across the globe to generate 12,5 BTC. One can only imagine what will this market look like in 25 years.

Bitcoin is trading with low volatility now. Many experts send predictions that the price will rise after stocks fall. However, it looks like the investors on both traditional and crypto markets react in the same way.

Pure technical analysis suggests that the price is exactly where it must be. Despite many of the industry’s players use strange technics, others don’t believe anything.

Recently, Vitalik Buterin criticized the Stock to Flow model applied to Bitcoin, claiming that the other 95% of the analysis models on the Internet also a ‘bullshit’. This is something many were suspecting. But nobody was expecting that the theory will sound loud from Buterin’s side.

Usually, he avoids political questions. But now it seems like Vitalik openly claims that nobody knows where the prices are going and why. Unveiling what is possibly one of the biggest advantages, and secrets, of the crypto community.

Bitcoin Price May Hit $135,000, Willy Woo Predicts Major Bull Run

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