Wall Street partnership with Bitcoin community would lead to mass crypto adoption

The massive adoption of digital assets by the global population is one topic that has generated a lot of buzz in the crypto community and the world at large.

The crux of the whole discussion is that some factors that affect the global adoption of crypto go beyond just the regulations of individual countries.

With the recent news making the rounds that Wall Street partnership with Bitcoin community is now going to have a fruitful end, a bank in Dallas has stated that crypto regulations do not always kill the adoption of the digital assets.

Gemini co-founders say realistic regulations would help the crypto space

Co-founders of Gemini, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss recently granted an interview on a podcast series where they gave their opinion on the topic.

The twins argued that only thoughtful and realistic measures and regulations could help crypto achieve massive adoption.

If digital assets will enjoy massive adoption, we need to shelve some of these regulations that restrict it. We should have a kind of regulation that helps the coins grow without so many obstacles. Presently, people are scared of the crypto space and are over-regulating it, and that is what is killing the digital market.

Wall Street partnership with Bitcoin community a good move – Winklevoss twins

 They co-founders further stated that the Wall Street partnership with Bitcoin community is a welcome move for massive adoption.

Recently, Wall Street’s big wigs, Paul Tudor, made an enormous Bitcoin investment while JP Morgan made the Bitcoin payment option available on its platform.

The twins noted that the partnership only spells better days to come for Bitcoin

My thoughts are major that most wall Street veterans are concerned about the massive printing of the US dollars, and we are concerned too. The truth is the matter is that there is little we can do about it, and if the presence of Wall Street in the crypto space is going to bring in more people, then it’s a welcome development, Winklevoss said.

As it stands, most people are aware of the crypto industry, and if it continues at this pace, then the adoption that the Wall Street partnership with Bitcoin community will bring will only be the beginning.

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