Top 10 cryptocurrencies to pick or avoid today

The top 10 cryptocurrencies to pick and avoid list aims to deliver the best and worst of the cryptocurrencies to help day traders make their decision.

The cryptocurrency realm is getting harder for the day traders every passing day, especially when the market manipulation and high conversion of the cryptocurrency market are making the situation worse by the day.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies to look at

Name Market Cap Available Coins Total Coins Trade Volume Change in 24 Hours
Xensor 21.369M 1.091B 5B 55.072M 173.54% 2.709K 14.796M 50M 307 107.07%
Matrix Al Network 33.596M 214.302M 1B 159.793K 60.27%
Band Protocol 666.449K 20.49M 100M 28.751M 43.85%
DomRaider 334.14K 591.5M 1.3B 301 41.59%
Raise 334.14K 12.951M 14.765M 13.421 37.41%
DAV Coin 208.689K 691.71M 1.38B 179.592K 34.51%
Morpheus Labs 4.241M 348.38M 747M 8.564M 34.45%
EncrypGen 157.5M 12.682B 100B 64 33.63%
W Green Pay 225.419K 16.528M 600M 1.974M 32.99%

Although most of these cryptocurrencies are rather unknown, the fact of the matter remains that the daily traders largely focus on cryptocurrencies making a profit rather than those with the big name. Let’s take a look at the cryptocurrencies that are falling down.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies to avoid

Name Market Cap Available Coins Total Coins Trade Volume Change in 24 Hours
TEMCO 600.821K 1.091B 6B 119.517K -30.88%
Elamachain 105.509M 14.796M 10B 3.873M -28.13%
GoNetwork 764.214K 214.302M 94.809M 46 27.45%
DECENT 333.887K 20.49M 73.198M 2.627K -24.11%
MovieBloc 333.887K 591.5M 30B 62.191M -22.24%
GeoCoin 140.057M 12.951M 4M 8.285K -19.55%
Lympo 2.48M 691.71M 1B 111.963K -14.29%
MediBloc 9.862M 348.38M 8.153B 5.699M -14.27%
Ontology Gas 10.519M 12.682B 150M 59.8K -13.06%
Blox 2.9632M 16.528M 1B 610.902K -12.69%

Where Bitcoin price is in a shaky mode during this week and the US-China trade war is creating further ambiguity traders can use the lists to choose their trading options more wisely.

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