Top 10 cryptocurrencies to pick or avoid today

The top 10 cryptocurrencies to pick and/or avoid list aims to deliver the best and worst of the cryptocurrencies to help day traders make their decision. So without further ado, we present to you today’s top listers and bottom listers.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies to pick today

Name Market Cap Available Coins Total Coins Trade Volume Change in 24 Hours
Swarm 701.361K 78.19M 99.535M 2.956K 61.19%
Silverway 4.287K 150.01M 1B 1.702K 51.66%
AirSwap 7.473M 150M 500M 10.044M 38.06%
Auctus 1.56M 65.83M 65.83M 17.96K 32.08%
Hiveterminal Token 4.763M 500M 500M 5.157K 31.36%
Cocos-BCX 10.147M 24.21B 100B 1.483M 26.03%
Bluzelle 5.157M 224.659M 500M 2.162M 25.60%
Content Neutrality Network 2.461M 39.035B 100B 123.729K 24.61%
Monero Classic 27.37M 18.794M 18.794M 2.297K 23.65%
POA Network 2.419M 220.168M 275.75M 408.909K 21.76%

Top 10 cryptocurrencies to avoid today

Interestingly enough, most of the bottom listers from yesterday’s list as not on today’s top 10 cryptocurrencies to avoid.

Name Market Cap Available Coins Total Coins Trade Volume Change in 24 Hours 1.411K 14.822M 50M 58 -31.59%
GoNetwork 577.631K 19.105M 94.809M 92 -31.20%
Credits 7.495M 185.986M 249.471M 81.412K -24.13%
BitKan 14.549M 6.325B 10B 1.324M -23.04%
Covesting 3.478M 18M 20M 54.089K -20.78%
TNC Coin 417.103M 2.31B 1000B 5.516M -19.13%
SingularityNET 7.589M 539.673M 1B 406.753K -17.02%
IndaHash 1.03M 399.936M 400M 206 -14.44%
Akropolis 2.472M 1.18B 4B 371.529K -14.11%
YOU COIN 7.308M 556.12M 2.856B 5.925M -14.00%

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s price is stabilizing into new heights, and some experts even expected the $10000 to be hit again. In such a scenario, most eyes would be on Bitcoin and the right time to look for alternate coins to make money.

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