Incognito Hacktivist group hacks police websites in protest

“Human rights” activist, Hacktivist group known for hacking major authorities and government websites to protest, have returned after posting a video on Thursday. In the video, they claimed requital for the alleged custodial murder of George Floyd.

Some days after the group posted the video, the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) website began displaying signs of the group’s signature cyberattack. It became more serious when the MPD website and the state website were not accessible on Saturday and believed to be under a DDoS attack.  The sites during the time of writing were still not accessible. Unverified report also has it that over 700 email addresses alongside their passwords were hacked and leaked online.

George Floyd Hacktivist, Americans protest

At this time, the anonymous activist, Hacktivist group return, has been spurred by the death of George Floyd. Floyd’s death in the hands of the police has sparked severe outrage in America and across the world, with Americans taking to the street in thousands to protest his death.

Chants of “I can’t breathe,” Floyd’s last words are being hummed in several cities in America. The protest has even lead to a curfew being imposed in Santa Monica, and even in London, regardless of the ravaging coronavirus lockdown order, people have come out in mass to stand in solidarity with Americans.

The video Hacktivist group released threatened the MPD that they would expose petitions of likely cases of police transgression. “Officers who kill people and commit other crimes need to be held accountable just like the rest of us,” says the Hacktivist.

They said further that they are unsure of the corrupt organization to do justice; therefore, they will be exposing their crimes.

Return of Hacktivist group

Reportedly, the group has been said to strike in other states too like Chicago, where the Police Radio system was hacked and used to play NWA’s “Fuck the Police.”

The group became famous in 2008 when they declared war on the Church of Scientology. Ever since then, they have been linked with several movements like Occupy Wall Street and tolls on ISIS terrorist group.

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