Apple partners Walgreens for $50 Apple Card cash reward

Apple and Walgreens have collaborated to offer the new cardholder an Apple Card cash reward worth $50 after they would spend $50 at Walgreens.

Cardholders who will open their accounts this June would have access to this $50 offer after they would spend the same amount at Walgreens in the next 30 days. The Apple Card bonus would be in the form of Daily Cash, which is like the cashback; however, it is issued at the end of the day.

Take full advantage of Apple Card cash reward

In order to fully take advantage of this Apple Card cash reward, customers could log onto the iOS app of Walgreens, then click on the ‘Weekly Ads & Coupons’ and locate the options for the new offer and finally click ‘Apply Now.’

The latest bonus is an addition to the already existing bonus between these two companies, as cardholders could access a 3 percent cashback reward on the items at Walgreens or Duane Reed stores in case the users pay with Apple Pay in-store or by mobile.

Now this limited-time offer available will allow the Apple cardholders to access the 3 percent cash back at the Walgreens drive-through by the end of July 2020. The reward rate is higher than the typically offered 1 percent cash back at the Apple Pay.

Moreover, the Apple Cardholders could also access the 3 percent cash back at several locations such as Apple retail stores, App Store, Apple Music Apple Online Store, iTunes, and other Apple-owned properties. Other than the Apple-owned stores, it can also be accessed on Nike, Uber, and Uber Eats and in T-Mobile stores.

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