Elrond stress testing offers participants $40,000 to hack the network

Elrond stress testing is offering a 40,000 dollars prize pool to incentivize participation in the stress testing before the network’s launch.

the Elrond (ERD) blockchain network is completing its preparations before the network’s mainnet launch. The mainnet would be launched once the blockchain’s testnet remains online for 15 days without any interruptions.

Elrond stress testing

The blockchain network has invited hackers to attack the network during its stress test. According to CEO Beniamin Mincu, participants are allowed to try anything that will take down the network and will be rewarded on every successful attempt.

Participants are allowed to try DDoS attacks, hijacking, stealing coins, double spending, minting new coins, and other similar attacks.

The network is conducting the stress test as a competition between the community’s members and has titled the event as the “Battle of Nodes: Onchained.”

Elrond stress testing involves numerous network activities that would demonstrate the performance of the blockchain. The testnet would conduct multiple network restarts, hardforks, and two secret events. The purpose of the testnet is to address and fix any bugs on the network.

Participation reward

The team has set a prize pool of 40,000 dollars, that will be awarded to users participating in the testnet. $20,000 will be awarded to participants in ERD tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain. The remaining $20,000 will be awarded to node operators as mainnet stakes next year.

Participants are able to increase their rewards by maintaining node performance, completing objectives, and reporting bugs in the blockchain network. The “Battle of Nodes: Onchained” is the last opportunity given to users to explore the features of the blockchain before the network’s mainnet launches.

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