US president nominates ‘Crypto mom’ Peirce for another term at SEC

One of the digital currency-friendly United States government officials, Hester Peirce, was recently nominated to maintain her current office with the country’s Security Exchange Commission (SEC). If approved by the Senate, she will continue for the next five years.

Crypto mom to continue at SEC with Senate backing

Peirce, fondly dubbed ‘Crypto mom,’ was reportedly appointed at the SEC two years ago, during the administration of Donald Trump. The US President nominated her as SEC commissioner earlier in 2018 – a work term that expired today, as Bloomberg reported.

However, it appears the crypto mom could return for an additional term as SEC commissioner, given that the US president has renominated her, Bloomberg noted while citing the United States White House. Meanwhile, Peirce is among ten different nominees recommended to the Senate for approval.

Peirce’s term extended for a year and a half

If her reappointment at SEC is confirmed, the crypto mom would have another five-year work term, i.e., she would continue to work as SEC official until 2025. While Peirce awaits her confirmation, the current term, which expired today, has been extended to 18 months, until the Senate response.

Prior to Pierce’s appointment at the SEC, she reportedly worked at the Mercatus Center of George Mason University as a senior research fellow. Pierce became popularly known in the crypto industry as a crypto mom after she refuted SEC’s rejection of a Bitcoin ETF filed by the founders of Gemini, a custodian, and crypto exchange company.

Peirce planned a safe haven for a token offering

As of last year, precisely in August, the crypto mom disclosed her interest during a conference, to introduce a convenient harbor for token offerings. She admitted at that time, saying it’s part of her agenda; however, she would only work on it whenever the opportunity comes.

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