YouTube ban on Altcoin Daily evokes harsh responses from crypto fans

The news of the ban on Altcoin Daily Youtube channel has shocked the crypto community. The biased attitude of tech giants, including Google and Facebook, towards crypto companies has once again come to the fore. ‘Altcoin Daily’ channel run by brothers Aaron and Austin is the latest victim.

The social media giant has banned the crypto news outlet saying it ‘encourages illegal activities’ on the platform. The channel has considerable fan following and subscribers who watch the channel for the latest crypto industry-related developments. It is a well-known outlet for crypto analysis.

The channel owners have filed an appeal with YouTube asking it to reconsider its ban on Altcoin Daily. Also, Aaron and Austin have asked their audience to support them in their endeavor to persuade YouTube to revoke the ban.

Ban on Altcoin Daily comes as a rude shock to the crypto community

The YouTube channel of Aaron and Austin is well known in the crypto spheres. The two brothers share insightful views, opinions, and news about the crypto and blockchain realm. So, when news about the ban on Altcoin Daily surfaced, the crypto community rallied behind the brothers.

As soon as the two brothers informed the community, many top influencers and prominent crypto named announced their support. Most expressed their disbelief on the development, considering the channel hasn’t promoted any illegal content pf questionable integrity in the past. The audience has come out in large numbers asking YouTube to revoke the ban on Altcoin Daily.

YouTube algorithm under the lens

Crypto content has always faced a backlash from popular social media channels including, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Many fans of Altcoin Daily have said that YouTube uses a defective algorithm to single out crypto channels.

Most supporters say that crypto channels churn out blockchain-related content, which does not violate its community standards. In the past, too, the YouTube algorithm has created a similar furor. In this case, the algorithm has detected ‘illegal activity’ even though the channel’s audience says that the channel never solicited any illegal product.

The incident has also bought to fore the latest YouTube policy that says the social media giant isn’t responsible for any scamming activity on their platform. The policy is in stark contrast to the action it usually takes on crypto-related channels. Interestingly, many crypto scammers with thousands of subscribers roam freely on the same platform.

It remains to be seen how the ban on Altcoin Daily is handled by the world’s most popular video platform.

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