Nigeria, most interested country in Bitcoin

Crypto wallet provider,, in a recent study, has revealed that Bitcoin is begging to disrupt the fintech space in Nigeria. Recently, study showed that Nigeria displayed the most level of interest in Bitcoin across the globe.

The crypto wallet provider arrived at this conclusion after the study it carried out revealed that the highest activities in its app since April have been from the western African country. data also indicated that there’s been a 60 percent rise in the usage of its wallet in the country since April.

Nigeria tops Bitcoin search on Google

Furthermore, the crypto wallet provider noted that the most populous African country also tops Google list for Bitcoin searches globally.

Google trend also backed this claim up with other African countries not far behind Nigeria on the list. Australia and Switzerland are among European countries also topping the list of Bitcoin searches on Google.

South America Peru comes in play

After Nigeria showed the most interest in Bitcoin since April, recent data shows that South American country, Peru has clinched top of that list since July. Between July and the first week in this month, data has revealed that Peru, India, Indonesia lead owing to the number of transactions since July.

Other activity countries outside these three are Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Venezuela, among others.

These data are an indication to the continued growth of cryptocurrencies and trading activities across these regions. Yellow Card, a fast-rising crypto firm in Nigeria, reports that there’s a sharp rise in crypto adoption in the country with other African countries having immense potentials to be stakeholders in the crypto space.

In April, Nigeria became the 8th country to own a Bitcoin ATM after one was launched in Lagos, the country’s commercial capital.

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