Huobi Futures Launches Bitcoin Options Today

Huobi Futures Launches Bitcoin Options Today

Through a press release published on August 31, Huobi Futures announced that it would launch Bitcoin (BTC) options for trading on Tuesday, 10:00 UTC.

According to the company, the new product launch follows the successful roll-out of Huobi Futures’ Perpetual Swaps that took place earlier this year, whereby it aims to give traders more ways to create arbitrage and hedge risk in the cryptocurrency market trading.

“As investors brace for prolonged economic uncertainty across global financial markets, the influx of institutional capital and other forms of ‘smart money’ into digital assets like Bitcoin are driving a surge in demand for more diverse trading products,” said Ciara Sun, Vice President of Global Business at Huobi Group. “Our new options product was launched in response to market demand and this economic new reality. With this latest addition to our growing line-up of derivative products like Perpetual Swaps and Futures, we’re giving users a robust set of tools to execute more sophisticated trading strategies.”

Huobi on Bitcoin Adoption

The new feature by Huobi comes at a time when Bitcoin is experiencing a heightened system activity that is anticipated to trigger a bigger bull run than the previous one.

Since its inception, Huobi Group prides itself as the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by liquidity and real-trading volume.

As a result, Huobi is seeking not only to feed the retail market industry but also feed the global institutional investors with more sophisticated trading systems.

“As more sophisticated investors enter the crypto market, Huobi has experienced a surge in derivatives trading volume, which is indicative of the broader market. In the aggregate, growth in crypto derivatives trading volume is now outpacing that of spot trading. According to data analytics company Cryptocompare, cryptocurrency derivatives trading volumes climbed 32% in May of this year to a new record high of $602 billion, compared to 5% growth in total spot trading volumes,” the company explained in the press release.

This initiative is meant to provide investors with a less risky crypto investment that will work in hand with investing directly in the cryptocurrency market.

Huobi Futures Launches Bitcoin Options Today

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