Lazio football club joins crypto community with StormGain exchange partnership

Lazio football club has joined other professional football clubs in the crypto space, courtesy of its partnership with StormGain exchange.

According to the announcement made by StormGain, this partnership will improve fans’ engagement with the club. Lucky Lazio fans are open to winning giveaways that allow them to obtain luxury VIP suite treatment during home matches.

Also thanks to the partnership, StormGain intends to provide very lucky fans with private tour access and event invitations to Stadio Olimpico – the Lazio football club home ground. This stadium houses the largest sporting facility in Rome.

The announcement however, provides little details about how cryptocurrency would interplay in the partnership between both entities.

StormGain, Lazio’s reaction to the partnership

StormGain CEO, Alex Althausen said that they are happy with the partnership, and pleased to integrate football and crypto trading.

He also said many exciting benefits are up for grabs for StormGain clients as they can win exclusive access to Lazio football club soccer stars and other unique prizes.

Lazio’s event director, Marco Canigiani in his comment said that the partnership would strengthen the club’s innovative positioning. Canigiani further explained that this would bring about more projects for the fans and help the club expand.

Recently, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are used to disrupt the world of sport. Several football clubs have integrated with to launch fan tokens and improve fan engagement with the club similar to what is obtainable in Lazio football club partnership with StormGain exchange.

Outside Lazio football club, other professional football club present in the crypto space

Recently relegated premier league sides, Watford, are one of the foremost football cubs to embrace Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin symbol also appears on the sleeve of the clubs jersey after the club partnered with Bitcoin betting platform

Other football clubs like Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, among other through their integration with have launched their fan token.

These tokens help club fans influence club decisions through votes and earn rewards like meeting players and watching live games as VIPs.

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